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Payment gateway Onboarding

**Payment Gateway On-boarding: Streamlining Your Online Payments**

At 22K Digi Consulting Private Limited, we offer a specialized service dedicated to Payment Gateway On-boarding. We understand the crucial role that seamless online payments play in today's digital landscape. That's why we strive to simplify the process and help businesses unlock the benefits of leading Payment Gateway companies in India, including Cashfree, Paytm, Razorpay, PayU, Juspay, Safexpay, and many more. We understand the importance of seamless pay-ins as well as efficient payouts for your business operations. Our service encompasses both aspects, allowing you to effortlessly handle customer payments and withdrawals. Our expert team has established connections with these payment gateway providers, enabling us to facilitate a smooth on-boarding experience for our clients. We guide businesses through the necessary compliances and documentation, ensuring a hassle-free integration of the payment gateway into their online platforms.
FAQ on payment onboarding page Comment- we need proper content Q- What does 22K Digi Consulting do for Payment Gateway Onboardings? Ans- We reach out to our Payment Gateway connections on the merchant’s behalf and discuss our clients’ business details and specific requirements with them. Post this the Payment Gateway company shares the proposal with the client. We assist the client throughout the process until they have integrated the payment channels and gone live with their payments. Q- Does 22K Consulting help with applying for both Pay-ins and Pay-outs? Ans- Yes, we realise that different businesses conduct multiple types of transactions on their platform and need not only to accept payments from their customer but also allow customer withdrawals, male vendor payments, pay salaries to their employees and much more. Hence, we help with onboarding both pay-ins and pay-outs as per the needs of the client. Q- Does 22K Consulting provide assistance in technical operations such as integration of the payment channel? Ans- Yes, we have a technical team that specialises in payment gateway integrations and can troubleshoot and assist with development related errors and queries. Q- How much does 22K Digi Consulting cost for consulting services? Ans- We have specific plans as per the scale of business and LOB of the client. The consulting fee varies with every client due to several factors such as the size of business, line of business, services opted for etc. To get a quote as per your business, kindly contact us by filling the form on the contact us page.
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